DOGS OF OKLAHOMA opens Saturday!

Come check out my next project:


by Eric John Meyer

directed by Luke Harlan

A live-theater radio drama, broadcast live from the Brick every night

With live music performed by Christopher Paul Stelling and live foley art by Jean Ann Douglass

Featuring: Jed Peterson, Jerry Richardson, Sean Mellott, Bill Weeden, Julie Christgau, Laurie Schroeder, Phil Callen, Matt Clevy, Brett Aresco, and James Kennedy

In the summer of 1919, Rob Gehry returns home from WWI to find that his family no longer lives on the Oklahoma farm where he was born…and no one knows where they are.
Down the road, Clyde Williamson comes back to his farm after a string of successful bank robberies, only to be kicked out by his wife Caroline.
Two years later, Clyde’s older son Van meets Rob at the train Station. Friends since childhood, Van is ready to welcome Rob back like a member of the family. But Rob has changed. He’s keeping secrets. And one of the few possessions he brings back to Oklahoma is a fantastic death machine few people have seen before: a new invention called the Thompson Submachine Gun.

6/23 at 9pm
6/24 at 6pm
6/27 at 8pm
6/28 at 8PM
6/29 at 7PM
6/30 at 6PM

Tickets available now:


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